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~LUXOR HEALTH G2 Series Massage chair (FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY) - $3349


condition: new
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Luxor Health
model name / number: G2 Series

~LUXOR HEALTH G2 Series Massage chair (FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY) Incredible Massage Chair


~We offer the lowest wholesale direct price on this chair with our incredible extended warranty included into the price, our normal wholesale direct price is $3,649.00 plus $689.00 for the extended warranty but we are combining all together at one low price of $3,349.00 our lowest price ever, we sell direct to the public at the same prices as we supply retailers and this is now below wholesale.

~This price comes with a 3 year warranty on all Electrical & Mechanical components and after 3 years you get any of these parts at cost for life, this includes any cosmetic exterior part of the chair if ever worn, damaged or broken. You pay what we pay so we make no profits. + tax and delivery (local pickup is available at no extra charge.

~$3,349.00.00 this chair retails up to $8,000.00 in Canada and at $5,500.00 in the USA about $7,000.00 CA

~This price is based on Interac E-Transfer payments of cash and if paying by credit card/Paypal 2% will be added, if you would like us to get you a delivery quote please provide your postal code and let us know if it is a residential or business delivery with a loading dock or forklift as the rates change a little.

~Also includes one year free labor on repairs, this does not mean you have to bring in the entire chair and we have never in the last 10 years of business had a customer send back any chair for repairs. The massage unit for example can be removed from the chair quite easy and we have step by step video of how this is done, it can be brought to us or sent to us for free repairs. (We are the only ones to also pay for and include a box with foam inserts for shipping the massage unit if ever needed to be sent for repairs in the chair box).

Cosmetic Coverage
You also get cosmetic coverage for life to get any exterior cosmetic part of the chair if ever damaged or worn from the day you purchase the chair, even if damaged by accident so you pay what we pay and we make zero profits.

(The massage unit is like a robot that rides a geared rail system and it contains all the motors, electrical boards, mechanical components like gear reducers and the massage hands and all other components within the unit all as one. This complete unit retails for close to $1,000.00, in the process of dismantling one of these massage units to make some service repair videos we discovered it is a very big repair job doing a repair to the center of the massage unit if ever needed. Most repairs if needed to the left or right side of the massage unit are a 1-2 hour repair to do, if a repair is ever needed in the center of the massage unit it is about a 4 hour repair before travel so a very expensive repair so we came up with a great idea).

(We decided if this situation happens we can replace the entire massage unit brand new with this extended warranty, if you ever decide later with the Extended Warranty you want to replace a brand new complete massage unit in your chair with all motors, gear reducers, boards and massage hands we can get you one for only $399.00).

We offer to deliver to be picked up at the nearest truck terminal location, to home curb delivery with the power tailgate included to bring the chair down from the truck. To the door and in home is available to most locations, just let us know your postal code and we can find out the rates for you in your area.

(When replying to the ad please attach your contact info like email as we have problems sometimes when sending replies not getting through, or go to our website and reply there please. This way we can be sure our reply gets through to you and we can send pictures and files if needed).

If you think buying from a store you get any added value paying the retail price here is some food for thought, we are a store supplier with exclusive rights to these chairs across Canada and we supply the parts and service to the stores. We also offer customers to get parts at our cost for life from us our supplier so we make zero profits on the parts, this includes, electrical, cosmetic and mechanical throughout the chair. This is impossible to get from any store as they need to mark up all for profits, including service and parts.

Another thing is any company selling you a brand named massage chair may tell you it is a wholesale price but that is not true, top brand named companies have exclusive contract to only supply their massage chairs to retailers so their price is the only real wholesale price and this is not available to the public. Retailers can set any price they like and call it wholesale, we Luxor Health do things completely different and sell to the public at the same Wholesale direct prices we supply to retailers and we only offer the extended warranty mentioned above to our direct customers.

Buying from us Luxor Health you are buying right from the source as branded supplying company, we also have had input in improvements made by the manufacturer to improve the chairs in quality and reliability so you can expect the best quality products at the best possible prices.

Our Luxor Health G2 series massage chair consistently outperforms other top name brand chairs on the market, it gives the deepest, smoothest most therapeutic experience available. We did the Home and Garden/Design Shows and blew away all competition in quality of massage chair and price and best warranty by far.

1) Incredible Foot Massage: Most chairs with foot roller massage come with a couple sets of rollers doing the arch of the foot and the front section of the foot, our Luxor Health G2 series chair comes with 3 sets of rollers doing the heel, arch of foot and front even your toes. Air massage most chairs are open on the front and only have an airbags on each side of each foot, our Luxor Health G2 series chair comes with a closed front and this allows airbags on top of the toes and feet to intensify the foot and toes roller massage, it has 4 airbags on each side of each foot and even a massager behind the heels. There is also magnetic therapy in the calves section.

(Best foot massage in the industry).

2) Base of head, side of neck and top of shoulders massage: Our G2 series chair has the forward and back 4.7 inches of travel the most in the industry, most average from 2 to 3 inches. This along with flipping back the head cushion you can lay your head back into the upper part of the massage chair, next bring the massage unit out the 4.7 inches to the sides of your neck. Finally close the width to the sides of your neck and place the chair in kneading massage, this will then give you a most incredible base of head, side of neck and top of shoulders massage you cannot get from other massage chairs.

(Deepest 3D massage in the industry at 4.7 inches and the best base of heads, side of neck and top of shoulders massage in the industry).

3) You can save 3 massages in this chair once you know how to use the controls, we provide a simple page so you do not have to read through the entire manual of how to use every function of the massage chair. You simply place the chair at the desired recline position, adjust all air pressures, massage mode, massage width, massage strength, massage speed, foot roller strength and raise the foot/leg position to get the foot roller massage to the desired position and then just turn off the chair.

At that moment on the screen it will flash Memory and at that moment you press and release the A-B or C button on the controller, not the next time or any time you turn on the chair you press the same A-B or C you pressed before and the chair will return to the exact same setting for you massage you saved.

4) There is hip and kidney bags that can alternate to give you a waist twits effect.

5) There is a waist stretch massage where it grabs your shoulder/bicep and your calves at the same time, then it drops the backrest and legs to give you a great lower back stretch.

6) There is an air massage function that turns off the back massager and you can actually turn off all air massage of the chair to sit and only get a full foot and leg massage while watching TV relaxing.

7) The recline and foot and leg buttons all work without turning on the chair so you can adjust it just for relaxing and watching TV or listening to music.

8) If you were to fall asleep in the chair while getting a massage once the timer runs out it stays in its position as to now awake you, once you awake then you just hit the power button to return to the upright position.

9) This chair has built in speakers with Bluetooth for relaxing to music along with mobile app available.

10) The chair comes with 79 airbags

11) Finally $20,000.00 USA funds were paid out to get cETLus electrical certification done on this chair, this is as good as CSA and qualifies it for all of North America.

(Many do not realize the importance of this as most products come with only CE certification not qualified for North America, why this is so critical is any insurance company can deny your claim if it is determined the product without proper certification caused damages. Also if you ever had to hire an electrician to work on any product you have not certified they will refuse as they then would take responsibility if anything goes wrong later, just good piece of mind).

We Luxor Health have been in the business of importing for about 15 years supplying Distribution and retailers, then decided to started Luxor Health 10 years ago knowing we could offer Wholesale and discount prices direct to the public on all our products, we also provide the parts and service to the public as we do retailers so there is no added value buying retail.

We have an import export licence and have our products custom made to our specs along with having our input into improvements over the years to the product we sell, at Luxor Health it is very important to us we provide the best products at the lowest prices out there for our Customers as we do care about our Brand name and Happy Customers that bring us more business and return to us in the future.

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