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6 Grow Lights and other grow room accessories for $500 - $500

I'm a licensed medical cannabis grower (my own medical garden and also a designated grower) and I have moved my grow room which has left me with some left over equipment

The reason I am selling it is I have obtained a larger place and I already set up everything there with a custom lighting and environmental system and I no longer need this equipment

It is all very reliable and has served me well, however since I have gone the custom route with my new place I have no need for this equipment and thought I'd pay it forward and give someone a fantastic deal on this extra stuff

$500 for everything ..... Package deal ... Ready to go, all you need is a tent/grow space and seeds


3 x Hao Fst 6 x 50 watt COB LED grow lights used only for flowering ... 1800 watts each (I found each of them were more like running two 600 watt HPS side by side without the heat that the HPS generates) ... ! was regularly pulling 10 to 12 oz off each light in 5x4 custom built flowering cabinets (1 light per cabinet)
PLEASE NOTE: 1 of them has a burnt out fan and 1 dead COB which are both easily replaced ... This occurred due to my error with transplanting one time where the air got full of dust and the cabinet this specific light was in happened to be open at the time ... Works perfectly fine as is

1 x Venesun 75 watt grow light (Blurple with IR and Deep Red) ... Works quite well, especially when growing in a Kratky setup

1 x 48" T5 208 watt fluorescent grow light with 4 lightly used tubes plus 1 brand new spare tube

1 x 50" Custom LED Grow light (Samsung LED's ... 60 Watt driver) ... output unknown although it works absolutely fantastic from cloning up to early veg (lots of oomph)

2 x 4" exhaust fans

1 x Speed Controller for the black exhaust fan

3 x Small Clip Fans used inside of flowering cabinets to circulate the air inside

1 x Refillable industrial charcoal air filter ... 6" port, triangular design with each face having a surface area of roughly 24" x 12" ... Each face is a filter in and of itself, works fantastic and cheap to refill ... I had the 4" fans connected to the 6" port and the filter in a box with all the grow cabinets (veg and flowering) connected to the box which was about 180 square feet total of veg and flowering space with no smell able to be noticed unless I opened a cabinet

1 x Refillable charcoal filter ... 4" port, tube design, about 10 inches in height ... used as pre-filter for flowering cabinets

3 x Thermometer/Humidity sensors ... self contained, AAA batteries, 2 have strong magnets on the back, all have clips and are in working order

Over 40 feet of 4" ducting of various lengths (probably closer to 50 or more feet)

20 feet of 6" ducting

Half of a small bottle of Flora Nova nutrients for vegetative growth

Half of a bottle of Pro Mix rooting hormone

2 packets of PH strips for testing your water

Electronic TDS meter for testing how much dissolved solids there is in your water (used for checking nutrient concentration in your plant water) ... reliable and works well

Some extension cords, power bars etc..

4 blue tarps

I'm sure there will be various other things that I don't need which I will throw in

I also have a bunch of Home Depot buckets and some storage bins with holes drilled out around the bottom ... used as the final pots for my plants going into flower ... have a bunch of them with Pro Mix HP soil inside, soil is good for at least 1 more run if not 2 ... You can have them if you want them but you have to take the soil in them with you

I could also be persuaded to throw in some seeds from my seed collection as a gift to help get you started
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