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Partnership Opportunity - SMALL $ Investment needed (Toronto - Scarborough)

This is NOT a MLM opportunity, or one of those "pay $300 to become an affiliate" deals. It is also NOT a 'get rich in 30 days' or 'make a million in the first year' scheme.

I am looking for a younger ambitious guy who wants to get started in various business ventures who has some common sense, a lot of time to devote to the projects and the drive and determination to see them through. This isn't for weak-spirited individuals.

While I don't expect you to invest a ton of money, I certainly DO expect you to put in a lot of hours. The difference between this opportunity and a job is simple - you share the profits and you share the work and you have a say in how things are going and are done.

You STILL get a paycheck - but don't expect more than minimum wage and don't expect it to be regular. Don't expect that you'll be parking your butt in a fancy office - this is a startup opportunity, and every dime is going to be important - and an office, especially a fancy office, is counter-productive since nobody is going to come and visit us at any rate.

This opportunity is being offered to guys who have just graduated from college or high school and want to try to have their own business with an older partner. It's not for the weak hearted, nor is it for the anally retentive - part of the business includes operating adult websites, selling and renting adult DVD's and selling adult-oriented products. If you dislike nudity, being around nude people, being nude now and then, handling vibrators, lube, condoms, blow up dolls and such, then this isn't for you. If you could work in a nudist colony and follow their dress code, then you're a perfect fit. There is no dress code - wear what you want or wear nothing, it doesn't matter.

If you have a working understanding of the stock market, day-trading, eBay, PayPal, gaming that is a benefit as well! You will certainly learn all that, and quickly.

If you can read and understand financial statements, know how to negotiate, want to learn how to value what a business is worth, this is a big plus.... but you'll also learn all that as you go along.

So, you need to be broad minded. It would help to have a vehicle or access to a vehicle. At the very least, have a license. You need to be able to put in whatever hours are necessary to make this fly, and accept just above minimum wage and a percentage of the business in lieu of a higher paycheck and overtime.

We sell a variety of items (NOT just adult stuff) on various websites, as well as eBay and other auction sites. You don't NEED to know how to list on eBay, but it would help. You DO need to be willing to be taught, and to sit at a computer, as well as be able to pack and unpack boxes, create mailing labels and so on.

It would help if you know computer hardware and software, but again, that can be learned. It would help if you enjoy adult videos.

We invest in small businesses like convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops... and we will be buying 'close out' inventories and reselling them.

A passport will help - because you may need to go to the States to pick up product (adult and general) if it will cost too much to ship from the source, and besides, if things go as planned, we'll have someone down there working as well. We'll be looking at businesses that are for sale in the States in areas that are reasonably accessible to us here in Toronto.

A knowledge of flea markets would help too, but again, that can be learned. Hell, anything can be learned.

If you are interested, respond by email and we'll meet, see if we click, discuss it further and go from there.

Remember, I do NOT need a partner with a ton of money.... if you have some, great, if you don't, that's great too... but have at least $1000 to show you are serious - ambition and energy and time to put into this is paramount.

Starting date: Immediately if not sooner

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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