Astrology & Tarot Readings (Toronto)

Lakeshore Blvd West near Park Lawn

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Astrology (natal chart) and tarot card readings, by booking.

Can do readings by phone, chat, or in-person.

(Also available for tutoring in both astrology and tarot.)

Find me on Instagram and Facebook as: @kennethwattsreadings

My usual tarot reading takes an hour. It includes an overview of general life themes as well as a snapshot overview of life at present. I go into detail about each specific life aspect (work, health, relationships, etc.). I finish the reading by providing you with a 7-month forecast. Any questions are answered at the end. (Photo of the reading provided for your records.)

***Tarot gives tends to give specific/short-term information: the real causes of situations, insight into the present, where things are headed currently, and tips on how to best navigate the short-term future.***

(I can do many different readings. It depends on the need or the question to be answered. Tarot is very customizable. If needed, we can create something together that meets your specific need.)

The birth chart is a map of where all planets and constellations were at your time of your birth, from the view of your place of birth. The birth chart is an astrological road map, a blueprint of your entire lifetime. As such…

***Natal chart readings give more general, far-reaching information that is relevant over much longer spans of time (relationships, your first impressions, friendships, how you show love, childhood and home life, ideal career, frequent struggles, the karmic lessons you came to learn, the traits you came here to develop, etc.)***

The birth chart reading requires date, city, and exact time of birth. I will need you to send this information at least 48 hours prior to our reading so I can generate the chart and take notes. During the reading, we go over major highlights of the chart, themes, and most important notes. A copy of your chart and my notes is provided.

(The birth chart reading can be merely sent electronically. I do, however, recommend we chat at least briefly over phone to go over major points and to address any questions you may have about my explanations.)

*** PLEASE NOTE: e-transfer is required as confirmation of your booking. The transfer is not accepted until after our reading. However, until the e-transfer is received I cannot schedule you in. The tarot reading takes an hour. Interpreting your birth chart takes at least a few hours. After frequently clearing my schedule for people that don’t show, or doing many chart readings lasting multiple hours each for people that disappeared, I needed to implement a system that ensures my clients are as committed to the process as I am. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. ***
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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