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You hear a lot lately about how "Vintage Electronics" are better than today's stuff. Some of the Fine "vintage" stereo equipment is worth owning.

Beware:Not all brands were created equal and a lot of "vintage" equipment for sale is just old junk. Don't get duped into expensive garbage.

Some "vintage" equipment is wonderful. Do a little research, unless you enjoy being cheated.

Most turntables for sale will not give that good turntable sound and will slowly ruin your vinyl. Some clown is claiming in his ad that his Sony turntable is "audiophile". No!

A decent boombox or shelf stereo will sound better than much of what is for sale today as "vintage".

For amps and receivers, names like Sony, Realistic, Akai Aiwa, Pioneer, Dual, Samsung, Kenwood (after 1970) ( and many, many, more) were cheap crap at the time and over paying for them does not give you better sound. For instance, a Pioneer Stereo system that was awful in the 70's, and sold for $100.00 new, is on sale for a lot of money. Not even close to being worth it.

This is a public service from and for people who like good sound.

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For those who want even more detail:

Did you know some decent middle performance speakers were designed and made in Canada? Mirage, PSB, Paisley Research and others. Look for bargains out there.

Technics direct drive turntables were great for DJing, but not for home use. Dual turntables look so much better than they perform. Most of the Big Name Stereo Brands(Sony, Sansui, Pioneer, Teac to name but a few...) made creepy turntables and crappy speakers.

Harmon Kardon made decent turntables. Rega and Revolver, produced good models. From there, the prices go way up for good turntables.

Sansui/Marantz/Kenwood/ Fisher, were only good in their very early days. By the early mid 70's they were strictly lower end. Again any recent shelf stereo might sound superior.

Do not get suckered on Band and Olufsen. They stuffed budget brand electronics in a artsy cabinet and their turntables are very vinyl unfriendly.

Look for the Sherwood, Harmon Kardon, Onkyo, or Rotel, brand of stereo equipment. They are underappreciated and not bad for low $$$

Arcam has a lovely sound but is waaaaaaaaay too often in the repair shop.

Watch out for vintage Bose speakers, particularly the 901 series. Today, Bose is OK for radios and shelf stereos, but they made truly awful yet pricey speakers from the 70's onward.

Realistic, from Radio Shack was insipid. Strictly for guys that lived in their parent's basement in their 30's.

Teac made decent low end recording equipment, but their stereo equipment series was not close to that quality.

If you are offered any Carver amplification, run. They were expensive, sounded like sustained flatulence and needed constant repair.

Some of the vintage German stuff is interesting: Telefunken etc...but not all. Quite Expensive. Dual electronics were much better than most of their turntables. Do your research...always.
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