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Investors are drawn to amazing ideas; do your homework and come up with a mind-blowing plan

Unlike banks, investors look for different things when they want to invest in something. This is because the stakes are higher for them, therefore, they have to be extra careful in selecting the businesses that they want to invest in. Thus, they only choose the best idea with the highest potential for returns and expect much more from your business plan than a financial institution does.

We can draft a business plan that meets this requirement and has a high chance of being accepted by investors. We go through the following stages to come up with a world-class business plan for our clients;

1. Brainstorming; our team will brainstorm ideas to come up with a solid and professional business plan. We strive to ensure that a good business idea achieves its potential.

2. Thorough research; we will research widely to understand what your business is all about as well as what your investor likes or dislikes.

3. Comprehensive and detailed; we will write a plan that contains everything that should be found in a business plan including all the necessary data required such as financial forecast and budget.

4. High-quality; we understand that a business plan can either make or break your ambitions; therefore, we give it our all. We ensure that we leave nothing to chance and countercheck to see that everything has been included and there are no grammatical errors in the document.


We can come up with a draft of your business plan after two to five weeks after understanding every aspect of your business idea. The draft can undergo various changes over the years.

What your business plan should tell your investor

The investor will want to glean several things from your business plan. To start with, one thing that should not come through is that an investor is just a source of funds. Rather, it should tell the investor that he is can inspire and provide more opportunities to more investments.

Another thing that an inspector should glean from the business plan is the fact that the business can grow tremendously because investments lead to more investments.

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to know what an investor looks for in a business plan so you can know what a good business plan should look like. Here are the aspects of a business plan that you should emphasize on because they are the ones that attract an investor;

• A potential investor will want to see a detailed business plan unlike the sketchy business plans presented to grants and lenders. When they get your business plan, their eyes will go straight to the marketing, strategies, the management team and the company's financial standing.

• A business plan is a future projection of your business. An investor will be concerned with the projections outlined in your business plan, and they will evaluate whether it is realistic or not. Therefore, make sure that your business plan is realistic.
3 main features that investors want to see is clearly outlined

1. Opportunity; does your business idea provide a solution to an existing problem? Does it have a market? Does it have a potential to become profitable?

2. The quantity of investment in comparison to the projected returns; an investor looks to invest in a venture where they will make a return of between 20 and 30% or a sizeable share in the company.

3. The capability of the management team; an investor will want to know that the company they are investing in has a qualified and competent management team so that they can feel at ease investing their money in it.

At Toronto Creative Writing Services, we know just how a business plan is, and we will go over and beyond to provide you with high-quality services. If your investor requires detailed financial statements, we will analyze your financial figures carefully and prepare all the necessary financial statement that they might demand such as a balance sheet, a cashflow projections among others.
We will detail the qualifications of every member of your management team.

We will also include accurate figures of the ROI, point out the crucial levels of the delivery or production process, highlight risks and create an exit strategy.

We will also conduct a thorough market strategy and analyze everything from the target market, competitors to strengths and weaknesses.
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