Stihl 031AV parts chainsaw w/ good rings, piston, & cylinder - $70 (Jane St and Lawrence Ave West, North York)

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Got this Stihl 031AV from a neighbour's friend for whom I had sealed the seams of its fuel tank years ago & then cleaned the carb & muffler a couple years after that. It later developed intermittant spark - told him that I could try to determine what was wrong, but if it turned out to be the coil, he may have to wait a long time since they were NLA and expensive & hard to find used.

Also mentioned that I wouldn't be able to look at it for about a month b/c trout season opened the next day :)

Hadn't heard back from him for 3 years when he brought me his nonrunning Echo handheld blower earlier this week, which turned out to have a dead coil, but he decided not to replace it b/c a new one costs $71 US.

He picked it up the next day and for my trouble, unexpectedly gave me the 031AV. In a box. In parts. The idiot had COMPLETELY TAKEN IT APART! Okay, not completely: he didn't remove the flywheel from the crank, the piston from the rod, etc, but pretty much everything else has been dismantled (see the box in the last photo).

Don't have the will to determine if the issue was/is the coil, the points, the condenser, or the problemmatic connection between the coil & plug wire nor the stomach to reassemble what had been a nice working saw, so am selling the machine for parts.

The silver lining here (for you, not me) is that, since the saw is dismantled, one can easily see that the piston, cylinder, & oth parts are in good shape.

A quick examination of the parts (it's hard to look at them without cringing) indicates that just the spark plug boot & wire are missing. Rings, piston, & cyl are in very good shape. Entire carb is still attached to the rubber manifold tube.

As he had when he first brought it to me, he has made a gasket for the tank out of vinyl (lol), but the halves appear okay. Indeed, none of the plastic housing or parts appear damaged. Clutch, incl springs, appears fine, etc, etc.

Btw, this version of the 031 did not come with a chain brake (only the AVQ & AVEQ versions did).

Didn't bother to examine bar & chain b/c, well, who cares about them? Lol

Note: the photos have not been manipulated in any way, except in regard to hue (tone?) in order to make the images easier to see and shrinking them so I can upload them faster.

Whether you want to use it for parts or try to get her up & running is your business, but, whatever the case, I am asking a firm $70 for everything.

If it turns out that the coil is okay, that alone is worth at least 50 and, of course, they now sell a chip, so you won't have to bother with the points, etc.

The only item that I will accept in trade is a good condition 1" diameter shaft tiller attachment for a Ryobi, Craftsman, Echo, Troy Bilt, etc "Expand It" type 2 stroke trimmer powerhead.

Serious replies only, please.

Pick up only. If ad is up, it's available.

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