Viarail July 19th You Stood Behind Me in Line For The MTL Train (m4w) (Toronto)

Major, Major, long-shot, and you know what, i deserve this because, well whatever, I should have said something..anything, really.
I was the guy at the end of the line, and you asked me if it was the line for MTL and I passed on the information i had just gleaned from the people in front of me. We were going up the steps eventually to get to the actual train, you were sitting in a different car from me because we split up at the top of the steps, but you complimented my shoes, and I was so damn taken aback that someone of the lady-like persuasion had complimented me.....i mumbled a "thanks" and went off to my caboose.

Straight up, it's weird, that the experience of getting a compliment and having you looking interested and being open to chatting me up a bit in line, would be something i remember. I don't remember people saying thank you for pressing an elevator button, I run into people who actually introduce themselves to me and tell me their names and I hang out with them...you know...friends of friends of mine, and I totally forget them ahahaha....it's mental that i'd remember not so much the specifics of what you look like, but meeting you and you coming off as a really nice woman. That shit just popped into my head today and i remember thinking in the train right after that I really flexed my jive-ass-turkey muscle on that encounter.

I don't know, this isn't something I know even has a chance of being read by the right person and even it were....what the hell would I do then? I wrote a missed connection listing for a maybe missed opportunity, there may have been NO connection, i might have totally been basing my feelings about it on purely stupid man thinking, who knows? I like to tell people i'm a spiritual guy, but i don't really know if I am. K i'm not. I like science. But you were really cute, and I think writing this is allowing me to be at peace with it. It is really so redamndiculous that i'm even doing this. Please don't respond ahaha, I'd dye.
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