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..the new urban tumbleweed.. more crap to clean up (Everywhere)

More crap for us to clean up...what's next needles again.. senior s and almost senior s...we saw this coming we knew this was later but alas came sooner... thoughtless human those people that have nothing better to do than flag this post..why wash it's a live day to day planet..and now let's throw our filthy gloves and masks down on our sidewalk s beside the spit and of course our urban tumbleweed the hortons cup..why use common nothing is gonna change but our hospital s being our main employers...perhaps they can pull folks from our court system to help out's called racism...once obeying rules that became suggestions...
Too late ...not my point...made it decades ago and was called names..
So our 1% that fly have threatened us all but we can't say that and it's policy of great Canadian correctness not to condemn and confirm that this for our sake is the way to approach this crisis...point the finger where it lies the airport's... everything around the great lakes is quarantined...alll have major airports...all have human beings open to virus but it polictically incorrect to do anything about it but plead...we pleaded to stop drunk driving 40 years ago...we pleaded at SARS...that's all we do here in Canada ....advise and preach and speak in broken English so allllllll of are not sure what the hell is going on....look if you have travelled anywhere in a confined place this month u are likely sick if not pretend u are for a few days just for point!!!!!stop allllll air travel like they did on 911...far more are dying over this than me racist but airportphobia is our new bad word ..makes the f word real popular lately...good luck folks this is gonna take awhile!!!!!P/S
Thanks for your support keep emailing me in-between the flaggings...cuz I've got nowhere to go nor need too and I'll keep posting it...get on your ebike and check out our deserted streets.... refreshing indeed....AND LETS COMPENSATE THE AIRPORT'S AFTER ALL THEY BROUGHT THIS IN..AND CANT WAIT TO GET IT AIRBORNE AGAIN...HOLY SMOKES FOLKS GET A GRIP!Thank u 4 your support!!!!!
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