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May GOD protect us? (China)

Australia has INSISTED that there must be a public inquiry into the Wuhan Pestilence Mess!

And China has respondeed by BANNING various Australian imports such as Beef and Barley in exactly the same way they banned imports of Cdn Pork and Cannola oil in response to the ARREST of Huawei CEO MENG!

In the weeks IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Chinese ban on Cdn Pork was implemented - MSN.CA web page started to display images of Chinese restaurant patrons EATING WUHAN FRUIT BATS - which ARE BEING BLAMED for causing the Wuhan Pestilence that is ravaging the planet!

Beijing Butchers banned Cdn Pork and accidentally UNLEASHED WUHAN VIRUS by forcing their citizens to return to eating bush meat- then throw in easy air travel and the PANDEMIC was BORN!

If the Beijing Butchers actually go ahead with the Australian Beef Ban - then Chinese will have NO CHOICE but to shop at the filthy, disease ridden Wet Markets which have ALREADY PRODUCED SARS.Bird Flu, Swine Flu AND WUHAN VIRUS!

And in the latest news - a NEW VERSION of Swine Flu has just been discovered and the same people who told us Wuhan Virus could not be transferred between humans - AND WERE QUITE WRONG about that - are now telling us the SAME CRAP about this new Swine Flu!

GOD PROTECT US from whatever CRAP the Beijing Butchers will infect the world with if they stop eating Australian Beef!
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