Mystery Shop: Get Paid to Write About Your Perspective (Toronto, ON)

compensation: Up to $200+ Per Shop

Welcome! Do you have great writing skills and powers of observation?
Want a real opportunity to bring in some extra cash while having fun and unique experiences? Try Mystery Shopping with A Closer Look!

My name is Jennifer Thorpe and I’m a Scheduler with A Closer Look, an award-winning and progressive company. I am offering a Mystery Shopping Position in your area!

The APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS are included in this posting.

Feel free to text/call (number below) or email me (reply to the posting) to verify the legitimacy of this opportunity.

It is completely free to be a shopper with A Closer Look: we pay you: you never pay us!


1) To start, go to www.a-closer-look.com and click “Become a Mystery Shopper”.
That will begin the application. There is a short aptitude test and a writing sample. Don’t worry about getting all of the questions correct on the test, just do your best. If you want assistance with the application, please contact me!
My Phone #: 484-566-3843

2) For the writing sample, just give us 1-2 paragraphs about a recent dining experience you had. Try to be as detailed and objective as possible, giving info particularly about the service you received (descriptions of servers, service time, what you ordered, etc.)

3) Here is an outline to help you with your writing sample (regarding a recent dining experience):
A. Where did you Visit?
B. When did you Visit?
C. What happened when you entered the restaurant (Were you greeted and seated? Did you have to wait? If so, how long?)
D. What was the name and/or description of your server(s)/order taker? (Approx. age, height, hairstyle/color, gender)
E. Describe customer service. Was your server friendly and efficient?
F. What did you order?
G. About how long did it take for your food to arrive? Was it hot? Did the taste meet or exceed your expectations?
H. When you were ready to pay, was the transaction handled quickly and efficiently by the staff?
I. Can you give a general overview statement about the customer service you received?
J. Would you visit this establishment again?

4) Make sure to put my name (Jennifer Thorpe) in the “How did you hear about us” section, and that will allow me to have your application expedited so you can start as soon as you are ready. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m here to help. Tell me once you submit so I can have your application expedited.


1) What is Mystery Shopping?
A Mystery Shopper is a person hired by a market research firm or a manufacturer to pose as a casual customer to collect information about customer service.

2) Can I apply if I don’t have any Mystery Shopping Experience?
No experience, no worries! I also provide Mystery Shopper training.

3) How will I get paid?
All payments are issued by check in the mail. A Closer Look is known for paying on time!

4) Is this real?
Yes! Mystery Shopping is a very legitimate industry, and A Closer Look has thousands of shoppers around the world who choose our company because we are progressive and offer a versatile array of opportunities. We are certified by the MSPA. MSPA Americas is the trade association representing the customer experience industry throughout the Americas and the roots of the greater association, MSPA Global.

5) How do I apply?
The application instructions are included in this posting (above). If you have any questions, please contact me!
My Phone #: 484-566-3843

A Closer Look is innovative and highly reputable. We offer a multitude of diverse opportunities with payments and reimbursements ranging from $15-$200+ per report submitted.

A Closer Look has plenty of paid opportunities all over the US and Canada, including: Apartment Tours, Gyms, Paid Grocery Shopping, Jewelry Stores, In-Home Consultations, and so much more. We also offer reimbursed Fine Dining and Hotel Stays! Email me and let me know if you are planning to sign up so I can assist you. I will help to assure the quick acceptance of your application. No experience? No problem. I will be here to support and guide you so that your Mystery Shopping experience is successful and rewarding.

When you become a shopper with A Closer Look, you have access to our job board, where you can sign yourself up for shops. You can personalize your experience based on your preferences.

A Closer Look has many different types of jobs available for you to choose from. For example, you can get paid $85.00 to take a short tour of a local apartment complex. You can even dine at your favorite restaurants for free!

Want to make money without leaving your home? Try In-Home Estimate shops: We pay you $40-$100 per "shop" to host In-Home estimates for a variety of services from Pest Control, Home Repair to Utility Installation. You do not have to make any purchase to complete these jobs: you need only to purport yourself as someone interested in the services available.

Other shops entail going to local casual/fine dining restaurants and getting paid to enjoy a free meal.

Many people enjoy Storage Unit/Apartment/Gym tours where you get paid $25-$85+ to go and take a tour, pretending you are interested in renting a storage unit or apartment.

We pay you to do your grocery shopping, go to the movie theater, buy food for your pet, go to the gym, have a date night at a trendy bar, go bowling with the kids, and so much more.

Mystery Shopping is just acting as a regular customer and making observations. You enter your observations into a yes/no survey and write a paragraph where you tell the story of your visit. The client pays for your report. It’s FREE to sign up and become a mystery shopper. Guidelines come with every shop that explain exactly what you will be looking for.

Each shop is different, but for every shop, we ask you to be observant and tell us the story of your experience in an online form you access through our website. I hope to start working with you soon!


Jennifer Thorpe
Scheduler, A Closer Look
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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